Desi Gond

Madhurveda Pure Natural Desi Gond

Desi Gond

Strong bones, lasting stamina, and unshakable immunity is the real wealth. People in ancient India enjoyed these things due to their natural lifestyle and diet. Now it is time for us, the people living in urban areas, to get back to basics. And Madhurveda is committed to contributing to this change by offering organic food products like pure natural desi gond.

Rich in dietary fiber, gond works as a binding and thickening agent in many recipes. Due to its warm nature, edible gum is a crucial ingredient in many winter recipes, like Laddoos and Adadiya Pak. Since it dissolves well in water, you can consume it with milk or as a sarbat.

What Is Pure Natural Desi Gond

Edible gum is a liquid secretion that occurs in hot seasons on the branches of the Gorad tree in the Barda forest area. The liquid turns into a crystallized form that we can use for various purposes.

How We Get Desi Gond

Gond is available in branded and non-branded forms in the market. It is widely produced in farms using techniques like injecting chemicals. Though it boosts gum secretion, it may not be as nutritious as pure wild gum.

We have formed the Madhurveda brand with a mission to provide the most natural products to our customers. So we go to the forest and collect gum naturally oozed and thickened on the Gorad tree branches. Then we clean it to remove dirt and soil particles so that you get pure natural edible gum.

Gond is available in small to large chunks on the tree branches. So we grind them to make small grains for easy weighing and packaging.

Benefits of Natural Gond

People have been using gond in preparing many dishes in India for thousands of years. Ayurveda has also emphasized its use as a revitalizing ingredient. Suitable for all age groups, pure natural desi gond works wonder by strengthening bones, boosting immunity, and increasing stamina.

Notable benefits of gond are;

  1. Pure natural wild gond contains nutrients like proteins and folic acid that improves hemoglobin level in the blood, thus helpful for anemic patients.
  2. It contains calcium and other nutrients that nourish women during and after pregnancy and helps regain bone strength.
  3. Lactating moms get benefits like an increase in milk. So they can feed more to their newborn babies.
  4. Gond is warm by nature and provides energy in winter when consumed with milk or added to ladoos made using A2 desi cow ghee.
  5. It can help with migraines during the hot summer when taken with curd in the morning.
  6. Consuming edible gum can help reduce inflammation or blockage in the urinary tract and relieve urinary muscles.
  7. It works on constipation by softening the stool and diarrhea by absorbing excess liquid.
  8. It improves immunity and helps fight and prevent infractions during the winter season.
  9. Added to other energizing food preparations like Adadiya Pak can increase strength and stamina.
  10. It contains soluble fiber that detoxifies the body and increases skin softness, glow, and elasticity, thus fewer wrinkles, and fine lines.

Apart from the above, there are many other benefits gond has to offer.

Get Madhurveda Pure Natural Desi Gond

Madhurveda provides pure natural wild gond in 500 grams and 1 kg packs. It is loaded with nature’s goodness and gives you numerous benefits. Visit our products to learn more about our gond and place an order. We will deliver it to your doorstep at no shipping cost. Or if you have any queries, you can ask us by submitting the contact us form.