Caw and cow-based products have been part of the Indian family system and lifestyle for thousands of years. While they provide us with nourishment but also protect us from many diseases. Dairy products like milk, curd, buttermilk, and Organic Desi Ghee are inseparable parts of our food. So we can not imagine our meals without them. Given these facts, there is no wonder why we call cows a mother and Gaupalan an essential practice in our culture.

Gaupalan at Madhurveda Farms

Madhurveda has Gaupalan at its base. Also, we aim to make organic cow-based products like A2 Desi Cow Ghee available to the people. And for this, we raise our desi cows by following the ancient Indian practices in our farms and Gaushala. So they give the best-quality A2 milk. We also follow Ayurvedic processes to ensure that the Ghee we extract is free from toxins and full of nutritional value. Cows produce healthy and nutritional milk if we allow them to graze in open fields. And this is proven by Ayurveda and scientific research. Also, It is a fact that If cows feel happy and stress-free, they give healthy milk. And such milk contains many medicinal elements that can help cure many ailments in humans. We let our cows eat and roam in the open green fields for hours daily. So their immunity stays strong every season. And they can withstand any seasonal changes with ease. Whether it is hot summer, cold winter, or raining for days in monsoon, our desi and Gir cows are used to them.

Ethical Dairy Farming

As we know, cows are domestic animals. And they have emotions and intelligence like humans. So if we treat them like our family members, they will show equal care for us. They don’t like when we separate their calves from them. It makes them stressed and negatively affects the quality of their milk.

According to Ayurveda, calves have the first right to their mother’s milk. So we make sure that the calves are contended before milking our cows. We allow suckling calves to consume milk and get the remaining for our use.

Further, we don’t feed our cows any toxic medications to increase milk output. We also ensure that our cows consume organic cow feed by allowing them to graze in open grazing zones.

This is called desi or the traditional way of gaupalan. And the milk we get from the cows by following this practice contains high-quality nutrition.

Cow Milking and Vedic Cow Ghee Making Process

We milk each cow with our hands and not using any milking machine. Hence our cows give milk happily without any fear or discomfort. Then we follow the below steps of making Pure A2 Cow Ghee. Step 1: We boil the milk and let it cool down. Step 2: We add some curd to the milk and keep it for a night at room temperature Step 3: Then we hand-churn the curd made in Step 2 with traditional wooden billion in a clay pot during the Brahma muhurta to obtain butter. This muhurta starts at 3:30 and lasts till 5:30. And as per Ayurveda, butter skimmed off by churning curd during this time contains the best quality and nutrition. Step 4: The butter collected in Step 3 is then allowed to simmer and melt in a clay pot over a gentle heat on a traditional chulha fueled with wood and cow dung patties. Step 5: At this stage, white solids come to the surface during the melting process. We separate it to get clear butter oil. Step 6: After we remove white solids from the surface, some solids remain at the bottom. We leave them to heat and melt them further. The butter oil and solids will begin to look golden brown At this stage. Step 7: Finally, we let the butter oil cool down for a few minutes. Once it reaches room temperature, we filter it with a three-layer cloth. What we get in this step is pure A2 Desi Cow Ghee. Ghee made from the milk collected by ethical and cruelty-free milking and traditional ghee-making practices is pure and of the highest quality. It becomes the best immunity booster keeping you and your family fit and healthy in all seasons. We can also say that A2 Gir Cow Ghee will give you a gift of golden health.

1 Ltr A2 Desi Cow Bilona Ghee

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