Our Cows and CBNF – Cow-Based Natural Farming

Proudly practising the Indian Gausanskriti

About Our Cows

Madhurveda takes pride in the practice of ancient Gausanskriti and traditional ways of rearing all its beloved Indian breed A2 / Desi cows. Since we believe that the cow is our divine mother and provider, we treat her with great love, dignity, care, and affection.  

Our cows are never tethered or confined, and are left free to graze on our extensive, fertile, rich, biodiverse lands. They are fed with nutritionally rich fodder grown naturally at our farms, and kept under hygienic, well-maintained cow-sheds (gaushalas).

We strive to keep our cows happy and healthy in every which way. It has been scientifically proven that the milk of a happy cow has unbelievable properties and uncountable health benefits.

Since these cows are reared in natural conditions, they are immune to seasonal changes and illnesses and have phenomenal energy and aura. Thus, their milk and body fluids are rich in nutrients that endow amazing health benefits.

Happy, Healthy, Hearty Desi A2 Cow Milk = Nutrition-Packed A2 Cultured/ Desi Ghee 🍯

Great care is taken even while we milk our cows. Firstly, we milk them only after they milk their calves. This ensures that the cow is not stressed or unhappy while producing milk. The milk it produces and the products made out its milk are thus packed with great nutrients which bestow incredible nourishment to the consumers.

Numerous lab-tests prove that the milk of Indian breed A2/ Desi cow is easier to digest, full of micro and macro nutrients, that endows great health benefits – strong immunity in all seasons, proper regulation of blood pressure, better functioning of muscles, healthy bones, glowing skin to name a few.

🌾 About CBNF 🌾

CBNF is an age-old sustainable method of farming where the products obtained from the cow such as urine and dung are used as natural nutrient-rich manure for the soil and the natural cycle of soil health is restored.

Since we follow CBNF, our lands have natural potency absorbed from traditional cow-dung manure. Since our soils are powerhouses of fertility, biodiversity, and natural richness, our produce/products have the goodness of purity and salubriousness.

At Madhurveda, our families have been following such CBNF methods for centuries and are committed to following them for generations to come.